Five great spots to visit in São Paulo

São Paulo is a tough nut to crack. The city is huge, has tall buildings, and there are many different areas. It is hard to find your way if you don’t know where to go. This is the reason why many travellers skip São Paulo. More popular for travellers of the Brazilian Green Coast is Rio de Janeiro, because of its location right to the sea. Though, there is one thing that the paulistas do better than the cariocas: nightlife. Don’t skip São Paulo if you are a nocturnal animal like me. Below is my top 5 of places that I visited during my last stay in São Paulo.

  1. Mirante 9 de Julho

Absolutely one of my favourite places. The venue is located not far from Avenida Paulista, right on the roundabout behind the famous museum MASP. The bar is below the stairs and gives the feeling that you are standing on a viaduct. Cars are crossing underneath and above, and the venue offers a great view on the concrete jungle that this city is. The crowd is a mix of young, creative people, and people who are just randomly passing by. The openness of the bar is very inviting. Besides there is often live music upon the roof or DJ is playing the nice tunes from the bar.  Find the line-up here.


2. Hotel Unique – View Bar

The View Bar is the rooftop bar located on the 30th floor of Hotel Unique in the neighbourhood Jardins. The place lives up to its name: there is a view. And it is unique too! There are only a couple of cities that are bigger than São Paulo, so this is why most likely you haven’t seen a cityscape of this magnitude before. The amount of buildings and lights you can see from here is stunning. The hotel is located close to Ibirapuera Park, so the hotel is surrounded by low-rise buildings. The crowd in the bar is cosmopolitan like the view. Bossa Nova Deep House came from the speaker to set the right mood. Dress to impress, sit down alongside the red designer swimming pool, and join for a cocktail. Disclaimer: be prepared to wait in the line for a moment. We had to wait for about 30 minutes, before we could go enter the elevator. But trust me, it is worth it.


3. D-edge

“I’m on the edge of glory, and I’m hanging on a moment with you.”If you want to go to a place to get your feet moving, D-Edge is the superclub of São Paulo. Here the underground electronic music continues until the early hours (this is the place for the after-parties on Sunday – check the event schedule). For being a gringo I had to pay more entrance than my Brazilian friends, but this superclub was actually worth it. It has three rooms and a roof terrace that provides a cosmopolitan view (you may know by now that I like this). Most special is the room with flashing LEDs all around you, which is synchronized with the audio. It is a unique experience, and provides probably the best background to your dance moves that you will ever have. Read more about events in D-Edge.


4. Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the area of Pinheiros of São Paulo. Around here you will find a lot of street art and galleries. This part of the city is the home for a lot of students and creatives. And this crowd (of course) means party. There are many great bars to visit all located closely to each other. Among them are: Boteco Todos os Santos, Alto da Harmonia, Boteca São Bento and Bar Astor. People gather in the bar in the afternoons for aperitivo to consequently stay the entire night. Remarkable about the neighbourhood I find that the area feels more cozy than anywhere else in this big city. Vila Madalena gave me the comfortable atmosphere, like you can find them in the smaller European capitals where you go from bar to bar. Tip: go to the basement of Bar Astor, it is called SubAstor. Here they offer some of the best cocktails around!

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5. Nos Trilhos

If you are looking for an eccentric and inspiring setting to get your dosis of nightlife go to Nos Trilhos. Here you can find a great open air party on what looks like a train cemetery in the area of Mooca. A great variety of music, as the venue hosts a lot of live acts. Keep dancing between old and deserted metros until sunrise and see how the city lives up again. Make sure to get on a metro that actually rides to get back home! Other than a great spot for nighttime, the venue also offers expositions and cultural events for during the day. Read more about the events at Nos Trilhos here.



  1. Mirante 9 de Julho: Rua Carlos Comenale (right behind MASP), SP
  2. Hotel Unique – View Bar: Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 4700, Jardim Paulista, SP
  3. D-Edge: Avenida Auro Soares de Moura Andrade 141, Barra Funda, SP
  4. Vila Madalena (the area south of Vila Madalena metro station, and northern Fradique Coutinho station), Pinheiros, SP
  5. Nos Trilhos, Rua Visconde de Parnaiba, 1253, Mooca, SP

‘The Girl from Ipanema Remix’ is what you need today

Are you at work? Just plug in your earphones and forget about your colleagues for a second while listening to this remix of ‘The Girl From Ipanema’. The original song is the most iconic song of the musical movement called Bossa Nova (the Brazilian interpretation of jazz). It might be one of the most covered songs in history. Still in each interpretation of the song the spirit of Bossa Nova is present.

This remix by Free ‘n Losh precisely suits my needs for today.

It’s a Panama hat, not a cowboy hat! Know the difference

I love my Panama hats, my friends know this. Some of them actually don’t understand where my love for these white straw hats comes from. But that is because they haven’t been to Latin America yet. It is not a white cowboy hat, guys! This is a toquilla, better known as a Panama hat, and it has been a gentleman’s must-have since the 1920s. It is meant for travelling to the sunny regions of the globe. So it belongs to the adventurer. Kind of the poshy type of adventurer..

The Panama suits a casual summer or beach outfit. It gives a sophisticated touch to your look and yet minimalistic. The straw hat is timeless and a true work of art – if handmade. It originates from Ecuador where it is part of traditional clothing. But when U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt wore one on a visit to Panama to check upon the progress of the Panama canal, he proved it was possible to wear the traditional hat in combination with regular clothing. This visit to Panama is also when the hat received its nickname. Also, it became a more popular item throughout the Americas and Europe. Also Hollywood stars in the 1920s wore it often. And still the hat is worn in South America a lot. Okay, by the elder generation. But isn’t it nice to sometimes pick some elements from that classic Hollywood era, in order to brighten up your outfit?

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Mondrian exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

At least seventy master pieces for the exhibition ‘Mondrian e o Movemento De Stijl’ have been touring through Brazil for the last year. The final destination is Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards the art objects will move back to the Netherlands. The exhibition is hosted in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) until 9 January 2017 and is free of charge.

Mondrian and De Stijl art exhibition in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Mondrian e o Movemento De Stijl

As it is super hot outside, I think that it is definitely worth visiting the gallery. Both because the venue has a better air conditioning than my apartment, and even more because I am really excited to see Mondrian’s art for the first time in my life. The exhibition has a narrative and chronological setup and clearly shows the development of the art movement where Mondrian was leading. The movement is called De Stijl (Dutch for The Style). Most famous he became for his abstract art. According to the artist the more abstract things become the better you can see relations. For this reason he brought his art to a level of abstraction of which he claimed it to be closer to reality than any non-abstract painting where threedimensional images are created through working with different colour tones. They ae illusional, and therefore less real.

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Top 5 best views in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city of hills. The different levels and wide open spaces in between, make it a great city for enjoying wide lookouts. In Portuguese speaking countries this is often referred to as a ‘mirador’ on the map. Never miss a single one of them, because most of the time they are worth the effort going there and the perfect locations to make great photos.

Find here the views that you shouldn’t miss:

5.  From the top of the tower

The viewpoint on top of ‘Rio Poupa Tempo Cantagalo Ipanema‘ offers a nice view over Ipanema. The tower was constructed as a project to increase the mobility for the people who live in the favela which is built against the wall of the mountain that lies directly behind the building. The people here call it the hillside instead of mountain. I think that being from Holland I have a different perspective on what a mountain is. The building contains an elevator, access to the metro, and a bridge to the neighbourhood behind. Access to this view point is free and always open.

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