My travel playlist

Music is an important aspect of your journey. The tracks that you play while travelling will become part of your long lasting memories about this time. These songs have the power to cheer you up once returned to your daily life in a rainy country.

These are some new tracks to my playlist that I will listen during my trip:

  • Justice is back with the new track ‘Randy’. Soon the French electro-duo will release a new album. It is said to have a quite new sound and feeling. ‘Randy’ is quite promising and a feel-good track for on the road.

  • Terror Jr is definitely on my track list. Still I don’t know whether the rumours are true about Kylie Jenner being the lead singer or not. But the summer vibes I get from these tracks are amazing!
  • I can remember listening to The xx‘s previous album ‘Coexist’ when I was traveling in Brazil the last time. Therefore, I definitely had to add their new single ‘On Hold’ to my playlist for this time.


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