Top 5 best views in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city of hills. The different levels and wide open spaces in between, make it a great city for enjoying wide lookouts. In Portuguese speaking countries this is often referred to as a ‘mirador’ on the map. Never miss a single one of them, because most of the time they are worth the effort going there and the perfect locations to make great photos.

Find here the views that you shouldn’t miss:

5.  From the top of the tower

The viewpoint on top of ‘Rio Poupa Tempo Cantagalo Ipanema‘ offers a nice view over Ipanema. The tower was constructed as a project to increase the mobility for the people who live in the favela which is built against the wall of the mountain that lies directly behind the building. The people here call it the hillside instead of mountain. I think that being from Holland I have a different perspective on what a mountain is. The building contains an elevator, access to the metro, and a bridge to the neighbourhood behind. Access to this view point is free and always open.

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4. The complete overview

From the famous ‘Sugar Loaf Mountain‘ you will definitely have a view that will dazzle you. With clear weather the view stretches all over the Zona Sul (the south zone), the centre and the other side of the bay. Also from here you will be able to see the Christ statue on the Corcovado mountain. A 360 view that is so beautiful.


3. The best place for watching the sunset

Who says that you need to climb a hill or take an elevator to have a lookout? From ‘Arpoador‘ your eyes will be treated with a nice view over Ipanema and the two famous mountains (or hills) at the end of the beach, the Two Brothers. Go here when the sun sets. Bring drinks and make new friends!


2. Watching over the other side of town

You will love the diverse view from the Santa Teresa neighbourhood. Whereas the other views are merely focused on the south zone of the city, this viewpoint will make you able to see the central area as well. You will see big buildings, smaller houses in the hills, forests, beaches, favelas, basically everything. Even jacuzzis may be included.


1. How did you even get there?

I just said that not every view requires a physical effort of going up somewhere. But if you really want to feel like a king, like Mufasa talking to Simba, there is no doubt that you will have to make your body work. Go to ‘Pedra de Gávea‘ for a unique experience. It is located in the tropical forest, Tijuca. The mountain stands more than 840 metres high and a hike (with a guide) will take two hours. But it will be worth all the suffering once you reach the top!


Disclaimer to this blog: there might always be better views always in Rio de Janeiro, as there are so many. I will update once discovered.


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