Mondrian exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

At least seventy master pieces for the exhibition ‘Mondrian e o Movemento De Stijl’ have been touring through Brazil for the last year. The final destination is Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards the art objects will move back to the Netherlands. The exhibition is hosted in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) until 9 January 2017 and is free of charge.

Mondrian and De Stijl art exhibition in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Mondrian e o Movemento De Stijl

As it is super hot outside, I think that it is definitely worth visiting the gallery. Both because the venue has a better air conditioning than my apartment, and even more because I am really excited to see Mondrian’s art for the first time in my life. The exhibition has a narrative and chronological setup and clearly shows the development of the art movement where Mondrian was leading. The movement is called De Stijl (Dutch for The Style). Most famous he became for his abstract art. According to the artist the more abstract things become the better you can see relations. For this reason he brought his art to a level of abstraction of which he claimed it to be closer to reality than any non-abstract painting where threedimensional images are created through working with different colour tones. They ae illusional, and therefore less real.

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My travel playlist

Music is an important aspect of your journey. The tracks that you play while travelling will become part of your long lasting memories about this time. These songs have the power to cheer you up once returned to your daily life in a rainy country.

These are some new tracks to my playlist that I will listen during my trip:

  • Justice is back with the new track ‘Randy’. Soon the French electro-duo will release a new album. It is said to have a quite new sound and feeling. ‘Randy’ is quite promising and a feel-good track for on the road.

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